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It’s easy to appoint your own Business Energy Broker

It is very quick and easy to appoint your own experienced free broker using So Consult & Co. We simply need a single page letter signing that covers data protection, that’s it, no obligation, our recommendations sell themselves.

Buying Business Energy

When looking for Business Energy Prices, finding a fixed rate dual fuel deal can be best but not always.

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Buying Business Gas

Securing a Cheap Business Gas offer can be a time consuming minefield. The lowest rate available ‘daily priced’ are withdrawn if and when the market changes.

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Buying Business Electricity

When looking for great Business Electricity Prices, moving early and fast will secure a better rate in an ever changing dynamic.

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Why choose us?

Fifteen years tells us the ‘best offer’ is not usually the shortest term deal. We take a long term view. Speculate or simply experience market forces.

Great prices reflect genuinely an open honest approach.

You keep 100% of the savings we find, were paid by the suppliers.

Experienced and recommended, we have no pushy sales people.

03 to 00 Half Hourly, Clients Include 800+ Multi-sites.

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What people say about us

We simply tell the truth and let the rates sell themselves. It is and has been damage limitation for many years as energy rates simply go up but many appreciate our free service and do speak highly of us.

I have used So-Consult & Co for 10 years and have found them to be very genuine. I am happy to recommend Tynan and Sally for anyone wanting to save money on energy costs.

Kay Fitton

J&B Fitton Ltd

I have used Tynan for years, the guy knows what he is doing, good savings have been secured. Don’t waste your own time.


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We were told to do nothing for twelve months, then we secured a good fixed three year, 30% cheaper than we had been offered by our current supplier. I am very happy with So Consult & Co.


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Latest news

With Electricity rates ranging from 9p through to 24p per unit here in Manchester, you really can pay three times the price during 2018 and beyond ,if you are not careful with your energy agreements.

Paying bills means keeping good credit, the utility feedback.

Best rated suppliers have checked your credit rating and require Direct Debit monthly payment for their cheapest offers. Credit agencies, informed by energy companies if your bill is paid late, affect your score.

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Smart meters mean new accurate billing plus correct rates applied.

Old meters plus wrong single rate tariffs are common. 24hr users can save with new smart energy meters which offer accurate billing to the penny. Set targets and monitor usage thus encouraging energy reduction.

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