Quote For Business Energy

You can only gain by appointing So Consult & Co our service is free. We get all the prices in daily from most UK suppliers to compare offers for you. We produce a single recommendation quote that you then secure usually by verbal agreement or contract signature.

You can get prices yourself too if you want. Simply when our rates are better on the day you chose then we go with our recommendation. You keep 100% of the savings we secure.

The best lowest rates are only available daily with offers withdrawn if the market changes

Get in touch, we will call or email you back.

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Paying Bills Good Credit

UK suppliers credit check and require deposits or monthly payment for their cheapest offers. Risk vs reward all credit agencies, informed by energy companies if your bill is paid late thus changing your credit score.

Smart Accurate Metering

Smart meters offer accurate billing to the last penny plus they also show when the energy is being used which means that operating them encourages energy conservation where-ever possible.

Electricity Tariff Changes

85% of Electricity meters are single rate, yet your usage may be 24hr. You could gain from two or three rate tariffs where weekend and evening rates are lower than day-all-time rate with smart billing..

Flexible Purchasing

For those organisations with higher energy requirements it is possible to offer flexible purchasing arranged through our larger broker partners. Experience on 800+ multi-sites and large users can contribute positively.

Pan European Procurement

Tynan has procured energy for world-wide organisations with sites across Europe. Pan-European procurement with local UK head office is our focus. Suppliers like Gaz-Prom offer such power solutions.

Always Honest Advice

Knowing the prices instantly to be good or bad (dealing daily) means we instantly recognise a good offer to secure that day. We tell the truth, recently we instructed a client to do nothing for over a year before he then signed our recommendation